About Gryphon Crew

Gryphon Crew is a junior rowing club established by ROW KNOX comprised of high school students. Participation in the club includes regular practices on the downtown stretch of the Tennessee River, erg fitness practices at Legacy Parks Foundation at Volunteer Landing, and full-day rowing competitions both locally and in nearby states.

Principles of the program:

  • Provide a positive experience for all program participants
  • Create an environment of sportsmanship that fosters inclusion, individual character, teamwork, and perseverance
  • Provide a training plan that meets all participants at their current level of capability and focuses on improving the cardiovascular health and rowing ability of athletes of all levels
  • Provide racing opportunities for participants based on coaches’ assessments of rower capability
  • Include the support of parents and members of the community through contributions of time, talent, and resources towards the success of the ROW KNOX nonprofit organization



Come learn to row at a day camp with our Gryphon Crew!

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Interested in joining Gryphon Crew? Want to know more about how rowing can lead to improved cardiovascular health? Are you a veteran rower who wants to volunteer to lend a hand? Contact us via the form to the right, and one of our coaches or board members will get in touch with you soon!

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